{V][M}davidII: Thx, Living safely on the countryside though , wasn't unexpected but it is still so horrible to see the images of the attack :/ {V][M}Charlie..!: Glad to hear. But knowing that this happens on your land is a scary enough thought. Butze: can you fix the vctf server settings? {V][M}Heimddallr: How are your hollidays ?? The mine are soon. I wait them. Nova: Hi all o/ got a birthday email, so I thought I'd check up how you guys are doing {V][M}Charlie..!: War this sunday? {V][M}Charlie..!: Oh wait, I'm 10 years late {V][M}Jacuba: Hey guys anybody still here somtimes?? {V][M}Charlie..!: I swing by from time to time Jac, nice to see you man o/ {V][M}Wildman: Still alive and kicking, hope you guys are doing well!