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Some_Mate 04-09-16 09:31 PM

Forums Closing
It's been good, but VCTF is basically dead now and I have no time to play or maintain this forum. I will close it and look to migrate an archive of the site/forum soon.

If you are lurking somewhere else or want to contact someone, or leave some details, try this link;

Cheers, and no doubt, see you guys around again!


aximon 10-09-16 12:23 PM

We had a good run. Thanks for everything.

Catch you on the flip side.

Uncle~Meat 16-09-16 04:18 PM

I kinda knew this day would come Jim, and now that it's here, it's too sad for words. I'm so grateful to have been a part of such a great community and to have met such wonderful ppl.

If u want to add me on Steam:

God Bless Y'all ;)

Rawboneuk 31-10-16 09:51 PM

Shit man its over i am so sad :frown:

Some_Mate 17-11-16 09:35 PM

Cheers chaps. Partly for security reasons, just a matter of time before someone hacks it up, so read only is possibly the only way. Also it's http only, all passwords are in the clear, and so yeah, I don't trust the passwords on this site any more. No reason to believe the database has been had, but an old dodgy VB forum... lol
So many fun times here, will never forget the UT2K4 experience \o/ :)

Marie 20-12-16 01:25 PM

Thanks for the great times, it was fun while it lasted! There were ups and downs but i enjoyed it nevertheless =^.^=


Jago 23-04-17 08:18 AM

Ohh. I thought at least this place would last forever. Well, of course almost everyone has found other things to do in life. But ut2004, the vctf community and friends in the game will live on in our memories.
Thanks for the good times.

The the pic whorez forum is still running by the way, that one is easier to maintain, but nothing happens on there either.

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