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Some_Mate 25-01-07 01:55 PM

Our Servers - Welcome To The {V][M} Servers
Welcome to our Servers, please play nice, and have fun!
Buy UT2004!
Or just give it a try on our free demo server, download the demo here! Download Demo
Server Rules


{V][M} VCTF Server
IP ut2004:// Click here to Join!

UT2004 Mega Pack
, this is the latest patch (3369) and the bonus pack for windows. THE MEGA PACK DOWNLOAD LINK

{V][M} Private Server
?:7877 Click here to join! Private/Public War/Fun Server VCTF/AS/BeserkVCTF/TAM/DM/Duel/JB

?:7477 Click here to join! 20 Player, 10 Spectator, DM Demo Server! Noobs, Pros, and Spam Galore!
Report Cheaters HERE or just post in our shout box. :wink:

?:7977 Click here to join!
32 Player, 8 Spectator, ONS Demo Server!

Join Our Crazy 150 Slot TeamSpeak 3 Server!
Click Here to join!
Download Teamspeak3 Here Free!
Password = ilovepizza

All our IRC info >>> HERE

Like our servers? Want them to stay for ever and ever and help them become even better?
Then why not donate! All donations will go directly to costs of running the servers.
Latest donations see here, Thank you :wink:

Check out our new VehicleMasters Video!

Friends, Clans & Communities playing UT2004 VCTF >>>> (dead) (new ballerburg clan) (Cyber)ĞUn!ted° Clan)

Friends, Clans & Communities playing other gametypes >>>>

If your clan is not here PM me an image like the ones above and the URL of your site/forum, would be nice to have links to all the known VCTF clans here :smile:

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